Bryan Adams & David Foster

A questo punto credo che il nuovo album di Bryan Adams non tarderà ad uscire…

Ecco cosa ha scritto David Foster, il noto musicista, produttore discografico, compositore e arrangiatore canadese, sul suo sito ufficiale:

A Personal Message from David Foster…

Posted on March 6th, 2014

Hey everyone – I thought now would be a good time to check in and let you know what I’m up to. It’s the end of February and I’m working hard on Diana Krall’s new album [gonna be a little different but incredible!]. I’m almost finished with new music from Bryan Adams, still hanging with Stevie Wonder and hoping to get that album finished this year. Now I’m starting to make tentative plans with Lionel Richie and JLO…exciting!

On the Verve side, we have some incredible releases coming up including but not limited to, the 3 incredible swedes called Dirty Loops, the great Sarah McLachlan, and my homie Ruben Studdard bringing you to your knees with his love songs. We have more young talent like newcomers Brenna Whitaker and Charles Perry, so stay tuned! This is Verve’s year to bust out!

I am first and foremost a music lover just like all of you. Let’s keep the music we love alive. Music is what gets me up every morning and I’m sure most of you share that same passion.

To all the RHOBH fans I think my wife, Yolanda, continues to keep it classy and elevates the show while sharing her personal battle with Lyme Disease.

Our big blended family is doing well, with our children finding their own way on this planet.

Wishing you Health, Happiness and Great Music,



David Foster e Bryan Adams

David Foster e Bryan Adams



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